Soup & Salad

Add Grilled Chicken to any salad - 5.00

Garden Salad
Crisp iceberg lettuce topped with tomatoes, green onions, cucumbers and carrots.
Served with your choice of dressing - 10.99

Classic Caesar Salad
Homemade croutons, bacon bits and fresh romaine tossed in our own Caesar dressing,
then topped with parmesan cheese - 10.99

Cajun Chicken Caesar
Marinated and grilled chicken breast brushed with Cajun BBQ sauce over our own Caesar salad - 13.99

The He-Man Salad
Crisp fresh greens topped with steak, Canadian back bacon, chicken and mixed cheeses.
Served with your choice of dressing - 18.99

Traditional Greek Salad
Crisp fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and black olives with our own Greek salad dressing,
then topped with feta cheese - 11.99

Baked French Onion
Homemade rich and hearty beef vegetable broth filled with sautéed onions, then topped with a thinly sliced Vienna loaf and melted mozzarella cheese - 9.99

Soup of the Day
Our Chef's creation made fresh daily - 5.99